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HooYah Recruit...Welcome to My Website

I'm Retired GM1 (SEAL) Matt Kelm and for the past 20 years I've had the honor of serving in the United States Navy.

Matt Kelm, Retired SEAL Operator, Instructor, and Motivator

I joined up in my hometown of Norman, Oklahoma on a hot summer's day in July 1985 for what I believed was the SEAL Program. However, like most people who think they are joining the Navy to become SEALs, I soon found out that my recruiter had not routed me through the proper channels to send me directly to BUD/S. Thus I was sent to my first command on the USS L.Y. Spear as a Seaman recruit and NOT straight to BUD/S to become a SEAL.

Though I was less than pleased with my ship assignment I diligently went to work earning my sea legs and found myself progressing though the ranks in the Armory. I spent the next year on the ship working out and preparing a new BUD/S packet.

A year later after assembling a new BUD/S packet I requested a personal interview with the detailer. One week later I was on my way to Coronado.

I classed up with the 147th class and graduated BUD/S class 148.

I was immediately assigned to SEAL Team 4 where I was the "60 man." Though I can't discuss most of the missions, my platoon played a major role in Operation Just Cause in Panama during 1989.

Having spent quite a bit of time deployed, I wanted to spend some more time with my family and took a job stateside as an instructor at BUD/S. It was during my stint there from 1992 to 1995 that The Learning Channel did their first documentary of SEAL training in action. Though I haven't seen the video in a few years, you might also recognize me from the PS2 game SOCOM.

After my time as an instructor I went to the Defense Language Institute for Spanish language but injured my knee. This took me out of the deployment loop while I underwent knee surgery and I spent about a year at Naval Special Warfare Group One.

Eventually I learned that my knee would prevent me from deploying permanently so I decided I would spend my remaining years helping other people join the world's best Navy - and to make sure they didn't get screwed around in their quest to become SEALs.

For my last 5 years as a SEAL recruiter/motivator I have screened hundreds of applicants and have helped more than 500 young men get SEAL Challenge contracts. Though I'm located in Edmond, Oklahoma, I've had guys fly in from Japan, France, and all other corners of the world just to make sure that they were successful in getting a SEAL Challenge contract.

Since I've retired from the Navy, I don't want my 20 years of accumulated knowledge go to waste, ergo I am making my recruiting book available online.

Matt Kelm, Retired GM1 (SEAL)
Navy SEAL Book
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